It's a very good page and there I'm a moderator. The page is in german, and after a registration you can do everything!

Welcome to SIMthavenue!

Welcome to SIMthavenue.

Here you'll find free designer fashion for your simstwo. I hope you'll enjoy and like my fashion for women, men, kids & teens.


So enjoy it and if you have free time, you can also sign in my guestbook. ;)




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03.02.10 I've uploaded a new formal dress for women.


02.02.10 I've changed the picture size for men and for kids. Also I've uploaded a new dress for women. Enjoy it!


01.02.10² So I've a new picture size for the female clothes, but I've forgotten the man picture and the kid picture. I'm sorry. Tomorrow I'll upload big sizes for men and kids!


01.02.10 Just a little information: I'll change the picture size! I think, now they are too small... Give me a little time and I'll try to change the size.


30.01.10 Two new clothes: One casual outfit for men and one casual outfit for kids. Enjoy them!